The Art of Bookshelf Styling for Avid Readers

For book lovers, a bookshelf is more than a storage unit; it’s a personal gallery showcasing their literary journey. Styling a bookshelf creatively combines aesthetics and functionality, turning an ordinary space into an inspiring one. In this blog, we explore the art of bookshelf styling, offering tips for avid readers to create visually appealing and organized displays, while highlighting the joy of adding to their collection through avenues like buying books online or visiting local book stores and book shops.

Understanding Your Space and Collection

Before embarking on your styling journey, assess the space for your bookshelf. Consider the room’s lighting, color scheme, and overall style. Then, take a look at your collection. If you’re looking to expand it, remember that you can easily buy books online, offering a vast selection that physical bookstores might not provide. This online option allows you to tailor your collection to your exact aesthetic and thematic preferences.

1. Organize by Color or Theme

Arranging books by color can create an eye-catching rainbow effect on your shelves. Alternatively, grouping books by themes, authors, or genres—perhaps titles you’ve recently acquired from your favorite bookshop—can offer a more curated look.

2. Play with Heights and Orientations

Mix vertical and horizontal book arrangements to add interest. Horizontal stacks can also act as stages for smaller decorative items or other books.

3. Incorporate Bookends and Objects

Characterful bookends, which you might find at a quaint bookshop, can add a unique touch. Also, weave in personal items like vases, picture frames, or keepsakes to break up the rows of books.

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4. Utilize Baskets or Boxes

Baskets or decorative boxes can introduce texture and are perfect for storing reading accessories. They also help in maintaining a tidy and organized appearance.

5. Incorporate Plants or Greenery

Adding plants or greenery brings life to your bookshelf. It’s a great way to create a natural, calming ambiance in your reading space.

6. Layer with Artwork or Prints

Leaning artwork or framed prints against the back of the shelf adds depth. These can be artworks you love or ones that complement your books, possibly even literary-themed art from a bookstore.

7. Accessibility and Comfort

Your bookshelf should be as practical as it is beautiful. Keep your most-read books or recent purchases from your favorite online book store at eye level.

8. Lighting

Good lighting can transform your bookshelf into a focal point. Soft, ambient lighting can highlight your books and decorations, making your collection even more inviting.

9. Maintaining the Look

Regularly dust and rearrange your bookshelf. This not only keeps it tidy but can also rekindle your interest in long-forgotten titles.


Styling a bookshelf is a personal and creative process that reflects your love for books. Whether your collection comes from years of browsing local bookshops or the convenience of buying books online, it tells a story about who you are. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to style a bookshelf; it’s all about creating a space that inspires you and showcases your unique literary journey.

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