Myle V5 meta device presents an exclusive myle brand, offering a prestigious and satisfying vape experience. This new version of myle V5 comes with exclusive technology including premium quality pods that come in 4ml capacity (having each pod of 2ml) offering satisfaction and high performance while extending vaping smoothness.

These myle v5 meta devices are widely available in around every corner of Dubai and almost everywhere in UAE. its unique style of mesh coil technology makes sure to offer smoothness and flavourful salt nicotine e-liquids depending upon your taste and desire.

How much does each pod hold salt nicotine intake?

Talking about salt nicotine concentration which is 5% equivalent to 50mg. For all those nicotine salt enthusiasts no doubt that the myle V5 meta device offers a smooth yet satisfying throat hit that’s why it is quite popular among many of us. Each pack of myle V5 meta device comes with a set of 2 disposable pods which are easy to install and always ready to use.

If you are looking for high-quality myle V5 meta devices then don’t forget to look at our online store vapzone. ae .where exclusive variety of variant flavors are available. Offering a free hand to our consumers to choose the best for their taste buds.

Myle V5 meta device specifications:

While unpacking this device you may find a pack of 2 (2ml each magnetic pod) with a concentration of 5%(50mg )salt nicotine.

So let’s dig into some of the benefits and top features of the Myle V5 meta device:

vapzone. ae offers some exclusive and high-quality products with variant flavors and salt nicotine capacity. Using high-quality products means that we offer premium quality e-liquid flavors and pure cobalt cell batteries. All products are cost-friendly and segregated.

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We believe in offering our customers premium quality products that can for sure save a lot of your money and give you the ultimate vaping experience.

Quality assurance:

We believe in delivering high-quality products to our consumers as we claim to be extensively keen while choosing the products and devices quality while displaying it to our customers. All our products have passed CF, FCC, ROHS, and many other certifications.

Fast shipping and swift delivery services:

Our hardworking professionals make sure to deliver within Dubai in 1-2 days while providing delivery services all around UAE. we also deliver in different countries while making sure to choose cost-effective solutions for our beloved consumers.

Important Warnings:

Make sure to keep all vaping kits and flavors out of the reach of children and pets. Keep all your vaping kits and materials in a cool and dry place. Do not keep it near flame. Make sure not to use a leakage battery.

Final thoughts:

All those smokers who are looking for a transition solution myle V5 meta device is one of the best solution for them as it comes with 5% of salt nicotine concentration which offers a throat hit and smooth puff offering you similarity like tobacco cigarettes. Where as these devices are always ready to go as you don’t need to refill or purchase e-liquids again and again. This device comes with prefilled 2 pods of your desired flavour.

Some FAQs

Question 1: Where can you find the Myle V5 meta device in Dubai?

Answer: you can find myle V5 meta device from our online store  or you can visit our store.

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Question 2: Is Myle V5 meta device a disposable vape?

Answer: yes! Myle V5 meta device is a disposable vape as it comes with  2 pre-filled 20ml each pod.


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