In the realm of vaping, the Tugboat EVO 4500 puffsstand as a true innovator, revolutionizing the experience with its array of meticulously designed features aimed at enhancing flavor, puffing, and accessibility. This groundbreaking device promises to completely transform your vaping journey, ensuring that every moment is savored to the fullest. Equipped with a robust 850mAh battery and a 10ml e-juice capacity, it offers an impressive 4500 puffs per device, providing ample vaping enjoyment. The disposable nature of the device coupled with its extended life cycle further enhances convenience, while the adjustable airflow ensures enduring vaping experiences tailored to your preferences. Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Tugboat boasts a slim, smart, and ergonomic grip that allows for prolonged usage without fatigue, whether you’re driving, walking, or socializing. Impeccably crafted to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, the Tugboat EVO 4500 puffs redefine the vaping experience, promising unparalleled satisfaction with every draw.


Immerse your senses in a world of delectable flavors with our extensive selection, designed to tantalize and delight your taste buds at every turn. Each flavor within our range is a carefully curated blend of premium ingredients, harmonizing to create a symphony of taste that dances gracefully across your palate. Indulge in the culinary excellence of our decadent flavor profiles, meticulously crafted to perfection to provide an unparalleled gustatory experience. With 10 irresistible flavors to choose from, Tugboat EVO invites you on a journey where every puff reveals a new layer of opulence, inviting you to savor the richness and sophistication of our meticulously crafted flavors. From the first inhale, it’s clear that each flavor profile has been crafted with unwavering precision, seamlessly marrying taste and aroma to provide an immersive and satisfying sensation. Enthusiasts will find themselves enveloped in clouds of sophistication as they explore the artful crafting of flavors, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the vaping experience and transforming each draw into a journey through a landscape of indulgent delights.

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Experience the pinnacle of simplicity with the Tugboat EVO 4500 puff, where an intuitive design seamlessly merges with functional excellence to redefine your vaping experience. This device’s sleek and compact design makes it the ideal companion for your active, on-the-go lifestyle, effortlessly integrating vaping into your daily routine. The user-friendly interface of the Tugboat EVO eliminates complexity, offering an effortless activation and usage process. With no buttons to navigate or settings to adjust, this vape ensures a straightforward and uncomplicated journey – simply pick it up, take a puff, and revel in the pure pleasure of each inhale. With an impressive capacity of 4500 puffs, it perfectly balances style and functionality in its enduring and beautifully crafted construction. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, its ergonomic design and elegant profile enhance handling comfort, ensuring optimal portability and durability for all your vaping endeavors. The Tugboat EVO 4500 puff epitomizes the simplicity, sophistication, and sheer joy of vaping, offering a seamless and gratifying experience with every use.


Myle introduces the Myle Meta Box 5000 and Myle 5000 puffs disposable vape, offering an extensive 5000+ puffs of bold, invigorating flavors to tantalize your taste buds. With its sleek and vibrant design, available in various captivating colors, it ensures both style and comfort with its ergonomic grip. The spacious 12ml pre-filled e-juice tank ensures prolonged enjoyment without the need for constant refills, catering to both novice and experienced vapers. The device, activated by drawing, requires zero maintenance, providing hassle-free usage. Equipped with a mesh coil, it guarantees consistent flavor delivery, preventing any unpleasant burnt tastes. Additionally, the rechargeable battery, complemented by a Type-C cable, ensures uninterrupted vaping sessions. With nicotine strengths ranging from 2% (20mg) to 5% (50mg) tobacco-free salt nic, users can indulge in a deeply satisfying vaping experience. Escape the monotony and embrace the vibrancy of Myle Meta Box 5000 and Myle 5000 puffs, convenient disposable vapes offering over 5000 delicious puffs, perfect for brightening any day.

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