How to Save Videos from Safari on the iPhone and iPad

While on the internet, we often come across videos that we would like to save for offline viewing or sharing. However, downloading videos from the Safari browser is challenging. Also, most social media websites (where many users come across these videos) lack a built-in option to download videos nor allow users to download videos.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you learn how to download videos from Safari on your iPhone or iPad with the help of ssstik. Also remember that while you can download videos from the internet, make sure it is for personal use and refrain from sharing elsewhere. We’ll talk more about this, later in the article. 

How to Save Videos from Safari on iPhone and iPad

Please be certain that you only download videos from websites that allow users to do so. Do you intend to reuse the content? Check to see if the videos are royalty free before proceeding. All I’m trying to say is that obeying the rules will keep you out of trouble. 

To explain the technique, we’ll use the Pixabay website, which contains hundreds of free stock movies uploaded by members of the community.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to download videos from Safari.
  1. Launch Safari and navigate to the website where you wish to download the video. 
  1. Click the Download Button. If appropriate, choose the resolution and click Download. 
  1. To confirm your choices, tap Download. 
  1. Now, in the bottom left of the screen, press the download symbol.
  1. Select the Downloads option. 
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  1. Now, touch the video to watch it.
  1. When the video begins to play, hit the Share icon in the bottom left corner. 

Tap the Save Video option on the following screen.

You may also press and hold the movie, drag it to the Photos app, and save it directly to your iPhone or iPad. 

Where do downloaded videos on the iPhone and iPad go?

Downloaded videos are stored to the Photos and Files apps. It’s simple to download videos using the Photos app. It’s in the Albums > Recents section. If you wish to find it in the Files app, however, follow the procedures outlined below. 

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Files app. 

2. Go to the Browse tab and select iCloud Drive. 

3. Now, touch on the Downloads folder, and the downloaded videos will appear on this page.

Video Downloads from Social Media Apps and Websites 

Downloading videos from social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and others may be unethical or even illegal. Especially if you want to save and distribute these videos, or if you want to utilize the content in your videos, etc.

When it comes to YouTube, users may download videos for offline watching within the app. These films will not be available in the Photos or Files apps and must be viewed via YouTube. Some videos and resolutions may require a YouTube Premium membership (this varies by area). We have a tutorial that will show you how to download YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad.

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Now, if you submit your videos to YouTube (to save them privately as a backup), downloading these films should be simple. You can hunt for websites that enable you to download YouTube videos. However, please avoid from obtaining and using videos from other creators as this will violate copyright laws.

Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking websites, on the other hand, do not enable users to download videos from within their applications. So, if you want to download a video from Twitter, check out our comprehensive guide on downloading Twitter videos on your iPhone.

You may utilize services like as Save Insta, and others to save Instagram reels or videos. Again, please do not distribute these movies or recycle the content as this might get you in trouble.

With Ease, Download Videos From Safari

We hope you found out how to download videos using Safari on your iPhone or iPad useful. Now that you’re aware of the procedures, make sure you don’t download and use the stuff. Also, if you want to do so, please pay royalties or obtain permission from the original creators. 

If you have any questions about downloading videos using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, please leave them in the comments section below.

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