A Guide to Transportation in Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Vehicles

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t only have weapons and technology; there is also a wide range of vehicles available to ride and drive in the Night City. If you are just starting as a street samurai, you can find more than 30 cars and bikes throughout your journey, now even more stunning with the cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty graphics update. Get amazing style and astonishing speed vehicles and take your gaming experience to another level!

Can you steal cars in Night City?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a mysterious game. Like many other things, the ins and outs of vehicle acquisition are not explained to gamers. This makes it challenging for players to know how to get certain vehicles or to decide what to do with them.

You can easily steal clunkers and other average cars in the game with just a push of a button. Others might require hacking or body attribute points. Now, we won’t recommend you pursue either of these options just to steal cars around the city, but if you have already decided to focus on these attributes, you might as well get your hands on as many fancy cars as you can.

A complete list of vehicles (cars and bikes) in Cyberpunk 2077 next update is given below.

  • Arch Nazare
  • Archer Quartz EC-T2 R660
  • Archer Hella, EC-D I360
  • Brennan Apollo
  • Chevillon Thrax 388 Jefferson
  • Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar
  • Herrera Outlaw GTS
  • Makigai Maimai, P126
  • Makigai Supron FS3
  • Mizutani Shion MZ2
  • Mizutani Shion Coyote
  • Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Quadra Turbo-R 740
  • Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech
  • Quadra Type-66
  • Rayfield Aerondight Guinevere
  • Rayfield Caliburn
  • Thorton-Colby C125
  • Thorton-Colby CX410 Butte
  • Thorton Colby, “Little Mule”
  • Thorton Galena G240
  • Thorton Mackinaw, MTL1
  • Villefort Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate
  • Villefort Alvarado V4FC 580
  • Villefort Cortes V5000 Valour
  • Villefort Cortes Delamin, No. 21
  • Villefort Columbus V340-F Freight
  • Yaiba Kusanagi
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Can you buy cars in Cyberpunk 2077 next update?

Yes, you can, but the process of buying is not that simple. The Night City does not have a traditional car dealership, so you have to buy new cars through the gates behind progression events. After completing different missions, you will unlock opportunities for getting new vehicles.

Earn street cred, drive around the city, complete side quests, and keep progressing your game journey. Eventually, multiple opportunities will unfold, and new vehicles will be added to your quest log. Remember that unlocking an opportunity doesn’t necessarily unlock the vehicle either.

You can earn free rides, but you may still have to pay for most of the cars and bikes in Cyberpunk 2077-night city. Mainstream cars come with lower prices, while the best vehicles have hefty price tags.

Can you fast-ride in the Night City?

If you simply want to get a fast ride from one metro station to another, there is a public transportation system in the Night City that will help you cover the maximum distance in the minimum amount of time. In the base version, there was a problem regarding the NCART City pass. Thankfully, in Cyberpunk 2077 next update, this issue is addressed. You can travel between all 19 metro stations with your pass and also enjoy listening to radio while on the way.

Quests and Hidden Areas

Most vehicles can be bought or stolen in the game, but there are some areas in the Night City with hidden vehicles as well. Now, it may take some effort for you to get there and acquire these, but it is definitely worth it! Here we have enlisted some quests and queues in the Cyberpunk 2077 next update to get the vehicles of your dreams.

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Jackie’s Arch (Motorcycle)

This will be one of the first vehicles that you add to your catalogue. Custom-made for Jackie, this bike has good speed and a nice shape. If you just want to cruise around the city with a reliable bike, it’s a perfect pick!

Once you have completed Act 1, you will get a quest named “Heroes” in Act 2. Jackie’s mother will get in contact with you and give you the keys to the bike.

Rayfield Caliburn (Car)

This is a luxury car that is not only sleek and stylish but also among the fastest vehicles in the Night City. You will find this on the outskirts of metropolitan areas, but it is more suited to city life.

To get this car, first finish the Act 2 mission Ghost Town with the character Pan Am. During this, you will visit an area in the Badlands, at the north of the junkyard, leading into a tunnel. Just keep this location in mind, and when the mission is completed, wait for three days (game time) and come back to the tunnel. Open the storage container, and you will get your hands on this luxury car.

Porsche 911 (Luxury Car)

The Porsche 911 is a rare retro car in Night City that initially belonged to Johnny Silverhand. Being the only licenced car in Cyberpunk 2077, this car is modelled after the classic Porsche of the 1960s. Despite its age, the vehicle still works efficiently and looks really chic to roam around in.

You can unlock a Porsche by following some simple steps. Proceed through your journey until you reach the “Chippin’ In” side mission. There, you will meet Rogue. Keep your weapons away and let Grayson go. When the mission is finished, you will get the Porsche 911 as a reward.

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PS: The “Chippin’ In” mission comes after completing tapeworm, life during wartime, automatic love, and search and destroy missions.

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X (Bike)

The Yaiba Kusanagi is very similar to the bike in the animated film “Akira.” You can get this bike for a minimal price. Not only is this bike extremely stylish, but it is also one of the fastest rides that you can get in the Night City.

During the game, you will get multiple messages from different fixers and allies saying, “Kusanagi bikes are available to purchase.” You will need a street card at level 12. After that, you will receive a message from the fixer, i.e., Wakado, who will give hints about the location of the bike. Finally, when you reach the garage in Westbrook, you can purchase the bike for 22,000 eddies and add it to your catalogue.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and make the right story choices to get the best vehicles in the Night City.

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